Hair Growth Supplements – Do They Really Work?

There are hundreds of alleged hair growth supplements out there today. The majority of them contain various vitamins necessary for hair production as well as some other man-made products that are supposed to strengthen your individual hair strands.


The question we will answer today is ‘Do hair growth supplements really work?’ The question isn’t as simple as you might think, so strap yourselves in! Take a look at our outlook on the subject:

What Hair Growth Supplements Can Do

Natural hair growth supplements containing vitamins necessary for efficient hair production can, indeed, improve hair growth. If you have any vitamin deficiencies, (specifically, vitamins A, B12, C, D, and E) the hair growth supplement will balance those out and cause you to consume the correct amount of vitamins each day.


Not only will these vitamins improve your hair growth, but they will also impact the rest of your body functions. Your entire system benefits from achieving the necessary vitamin levels every day.


As for external supplements which are placed directly on your scalp, there are also a number of benefits that we can see working well. Essential oil is one of the more common ingredients with these supplements. The idea behind them is to hydrate and moisturize your hair roots and follicles.


Essentially, your hair follicles will stay healthier thanks to these supplements. They’re more likely to function at full potential and less likely to get damaged thanks to it.

What Hair Growth Supplements Can’t Do

Unfortunately, another aspect that we can state for certain is that these hair growth supplements will not improve your current hair. While hair grows from your hair follicles, it isn’t alive. Since it isn’t alive, it won’t benefit from vitamins in your system or oils on your scalp.


Keeping your current hair moist will allow it to remain the way it is and not get weaker. However, it can’t strengthen the hair strands directly.


Your new hair will grow out stronger than the hair you already have, thanks to the supplements you are using. So, even though the supplement is working, it is only working for the hair that grows in the time after you started using it.


Another thing to note is that hair growth supplements using vitamins will only benefit you if you had a vitamin deficiency before taking it. If your body already has the vitamins it requires, the supplement will be useless.


Thanks to this fact, you will have to wait for your hair to grow out a bit before you can actually take advantage of the supplement’s results. Until then, you will have imbalanced hair.


Again, when using the external supplement, the results will impact your hair roots, but not the whole strand. You can help the current hair by moistening it with the essential oils. (Make sure to rinse it out of your hair after fifteen minutes of use)


However, there would be little to no effect on your current hair. Because your grown hair is already considered dead, it can’t absorb nutrients or anything that would help it grow stronger. You can think of it as a tree branch that has been removed from the tree. It can be made more elastic but it can’t absorb the things required for it to grow on its own or become stronger.

So, Do Hair Growth Supplements Work?

Based on our findings, hair growth supplements do work! However, they don’t work in the way that most people expect them to.


Even when your hair is as healthy as can be, it will still grow at an approximate rate of one inch per month. As we already mentioned, the hair growth supplements only impact hair that grows after you started using it. Assuming your hair follicles are now 100% healthy thanks to the supplements, you will have to wait for a number of months before you have enough stronger, healthier hair to show the supplement’s improvements.


That being said, once your hair has grown out, you can cut off the old, weak hair to leave yourself with the stronger hair. Since you now have stronger hair that grows fast because of the supplement you started using, we conclude that hair growth supplements do, indeed, work! Also, check out for more info on growing long and healthy hair.


How to Naturally Stimulate Hair Growth

There are many ways to increase hair growth. Some can be done through man-made products, while others can be done naturally. While man-made products aren’t all that bad, we’ll be looking at the natural aspect today.


You might be surprised with how simple it is to get your hair to start growing faster naturally. You need only make a few small adjustments to your daily routine and you’ll have those long locks in no time!


If you would like to know how to naturally stimulate hair growth, then take a look at what we’ve found for you!

#1 – Make Sure You Get Enough Iron and Zinc

Iron and zinc are two of the most important elements when it comes to hair growth. Without these two elements, your hair would fall apart.


Because of that, if you have an iron or zinc deficiency, your hair won’t just grow slowly, it will be brittle and weak. Make sure you have enough vitamin A in your diet as it helps your body to absorb both of these elements.

#2 – Eat Foods that are High in Biotin and B12

Biotin and vitamin B12 each have a huge impact on your hair. Biotin helps with collagen production and keeps your hair strong by improving elasticity. (It does the same for your skin) The majority of people who have biotin deficiency also have bald spots and slow growing hair.


Biotin is a very common substance. It is almost impossible to lack the needed amount in your diet. (Unless you did so on purpose for some strange reason) However, certain peoples’ bodies don’t absorb biotin properly.


To correct biotin deficiency, you can take biotin supplements, or have it injected directly into your bloodstream. When you do so, you will likely notice the improvement in your hair.

Vitamin B12, on the other hand, produces red blood cells for your body. Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, so you can see how important it is to have enough of them.


You can find B12 in red meats and eggs.

#3 – Utilize Essential Oils Once a Week

Massaging essential oils into your scalp once a week helps to moisturize your hair strands all the way to the roots. The essential oils will also rejuvenate any damaged hair follicles and potentially revive them to the point that they start growing hair again.


If you do massage essential oils into your scalp, make sure to thoroughly rinse out your hair afterwards. While essential oils may be good for your hair, leaving it to dry there would weaken your hair to the point that it could fall out!

#4 – Swap Out the Coffee for Water

Not everyone drinks coffee, of course, but many of us drink coffee more often than we drink water. You may think that since your coffee has a lot of water in it, it is still okay. Well, the same can be said for soft-drinks, can’t it?


Drinking one coffee in the morning (with a maximum of one teaspoon of coffee in it) is beneficial to your health. However, any more than that will actually hinder your bodily functions, thanks to the ‘withdrawal’ effects that occur when the caffeine has been used up.


You should aim to drink water every two or three hours to keep your scalp hydrated. (And the rest of you too) If you wait until you feel thirsty, then your body is already in a dehydrated state, which slows down hair growth.

#5 – Keep a Regular Sleeping Cycle

Sleeping at irregular hours each day confuses your body. When you sleep at approximately the same time everyday (within thirty minutes on an average day) your body will learn how to conserve energy over the rest of the day. If you often sleep by 11 pm, your body will use up the majority of its energy reserves by about 10:30, allowing you to easily sleep by 11 pm again.


The fact that your body keeps enough energy over the day means that your hair follicles have energy all throughout the day. The result is that your hair grows faster. Not only that, but you feel much more energized for the remaining 16-17 hours of the day and can get far more done that when you have an irregular sleeping cycle.

#6 – Take 30 Minutes to Relax Every Day

Stressing out also tends to slow down your hair growth. You can naturally increase your hair growth by taking the time to relax and enjoy some peace for at least thirty minutes every day.


You can perform whatever task best helps you relax. Whether you relax through a good book, sitting quietly, or meditating, you will find that you feel more refreshed on top of having faster hair growth.


These are six of the many natural ways to stimulate hair growth. If you make sure to follow all of these natural methods, you will find yourself feeling healthier and your hair growth improved exponentially. Remember, you accomplished all of this through completely natural means!

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